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Hey, everyone!

We are Jana and Jeppe and we have finally agreed that the best way to live life to the fullest is to truly pursue your dreams and for this reason, we have decided to just let go and surrender to our love (read: obsession) for food and cooking and finally make a journal about our food adventures and recipes.

We also love traveling and exploring new cultures and tribes and the best way to get to know a community is through their food, isn’t that right? Golf is the other passion we share, I believe it’s accurate to say that the fairways are our second address!  Well, I hope you guys enjoy our blog here as much as we enjoy making it. Much love!

J ❤️ J


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I’m seduced by the smell of rain, the unique, wide smiles, jazz, pizza, vibrant wines and sleeping in the mornings. I love being surrounded by animals, I love all kinds, they are all made out of pure love and this really humbles me.

I am crazy about traveling. Travehollic that is…
And food, of course… Shopping for food, looking at food, discovering new flavors and everything food related. And I like smiling. And playing golf. The golf course is where you’ll find me whenever I am not in the kitchen.

I was born in a tiny city in the south of Brazil in a food-loving family where the kitchen was the heart of the house and all the action was happening around the dining table, always.

Growing up and observing my grandmother dispensing ingredients to the food as if she was a sorcerer, transforming just plain flour and water into the most scented and heartwarming of bread was something that transported me to another world. The magic world of flavors… and that’s how my love for food began. And has never left me.

I have been a vegetarian since the age of five, on and off and about six years ago I have decided to start a challenge: how to translate my mother and grandmother’s food into meatless vegan dishes, keeping the same aromas and that comfort homemade family appeal to it?…

That’s when my borderline obsession began and I have been on an incessant mission to make vegan food taste extravagant and phenomenal – even more so than any regular meat packed food. And since this obsession has become too out of control and couldn’t be contained in my kitchen any longer, I have decided to share with the world what I have learned by making videos and also by writing about my experiences and inventions as well as the interesting results.

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I have always sensed that food was in my destiny somehow, I just wasn’t sure as to how and to what extent, but my passion for food and cooking was always there, latent, waiting to be fully embraced.

So it has been quite an exciting journey and I am very excited about sharing my experiences with you and document the many, many new food adventures that are still about to be discovered!


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Well, Jeppe… Funny me sitting here trying to line up my thoughts in order to describe Jeppe. Not that I don’t know what to say, quite the opposite, what’s happening is a tidal wave of very interesting data that overwhelms my little brain and I struggle to order my thoughts.

Well, let’s start with the word ‘unique’. Cause boy, this one is for sure, a one of a kind individual. Relaxed and easy going to a no end, nothing seems to break his almost nirvana state of mind. You know when you are fuming mad and wanna break stuff, sometimes rightfully so? Yeah, this doesn’t apply to him.

Another one of Jeppe’s remarkable characteristics his sense of humor… I gotta admit that it took me a while to understand it but now I finally do. He is the kind of person who can make fun of practically anything and even when the subject is kinda meh, he can always extract a giggle or two from people because of his unpretentious and almost guileless ways.

A true food lover, now dramatically in love with mushrooms and its variations: mushroom burger, mushroom meatballs, mushroom pasta, you name it.

An amazing golfer, skilled hockey player, and great skier. Impressed yet?… wait, there’s more…

Jeppe is a compassionate and just human being with a huge heart, even if sometimes he tries to hide it. He is the one who talked me into making this food blog, the mastermind behind the camera. He wouldn’t stop telling me (read: nagging) about how much the world wants to hear what I have to say; according to him, people need help and motivation to make good vegan and vegetarian food and a proper food blog is the best way to reach out people across the globe. And he was my lovers, as always, very right…

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