The other day I was talking to my dear high school friends on our WA group, trying to put together a reunion party and devise our menu. Abruptly someone said that they only wanted salad and beer. That was it. At a stab of humor, one of the boys posted a GIF of a pig being decapitated alive, saying that that would be on the menu. The video: This beautiful well-fed, pig was standing next to this man, with all the tranquility in the world, knowing that he was with his protector, with the man who had nursed him as a baby, who has given him food and drink, given him shelter and thus won his trust and rewarded with him with unbreakable loyalty. The pig knew that he did not have to fear this man.  After all, the man was his protector. Moments before the man struck him with a machete, the fat, well-cared for pig was serenely waggling his little tail, completely unaware of his fate. Possibly believing that he was about to receive something such as morsel of food or even a cuddle. The little pig could never have guessed what was about to happen – from the hand of his protector came the merciless, violent and gruesome stab. And this was posted in our group. As a joke.

Well, no one laughed and nobody was impressed, obviously. But still, I ask myself: Where did we lose our connection, compassion and tenderness, especially with the most vulnerable? At which point did we lose the link that bound us to animals? All animals without exception. Do you remember the times when we visited farms and were fascinated by oxen, pigs, chicks, and sheep? Have we ever,  seen those animals as mere “food”? At what point did we cease to be those pure-hearted children and became cold, selfish, and disconnected from other beings from this planet? Have we, in the name of our sensorial pleasures, became blind and pretend we do not see the horror around us under the pretext of culture, tradition, taste, and other questionable values? Are we just numb bystanders of the violence we use to so vehemently condemn?

I will end up this chronical by leaving a factual question to you: If hypothetically, you’d place a very hungry toddler in a crib and together with this toddler, an apple, and a live bunny, do you think that child will play with the apple and eat the bunny? I believe the answer is a little obvious, isn’t it…?


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