Every time I’m having a conversation about veganism I notice that it is easy for people to understand why I don’t eat meat but many others question me as to why I don’t drink milk and eat dairy since, in their eyes, milk is not coming from a dead animal and I constantly hear in unison the mantra that milk is actually good for you. But is it, really? So here I’ve gathered the 7 main reasons why I don’t drink milk or eat dairy.

1.Diseases and allergies: Milk is rich in protein but 90% of this protein is Casein and half of this casein are the A1 types, which when metabolized by your body produces casomorphin, a metabolic which causes gut inflammation, (dysbiosis) and increases the risk of chronical inflammation and allergies.

2. Calcium: Milk is rich in calcium but this calcium needs several other minerals such as zinc, manganese, iron, boron, and magnesium in order to have all that calcium properly absorbed by your body. When you ingest all this calcium alone, your kidney reacts by overproducing calcium in the form of kidney stones and actually stops your body from absorbing calcium. In fact, you lose calcium instead of absorbing it. Studies show that women in Japan and China rarely develop osteoporosis, as opposed to western women population, who develop osteoporosis in massive numbers.

3. Lactose: Milk has lactose and even the ones without lactose also have it in the form of lactase, an enzyme responsible for breaking the lactose into D-glucose and D-galactose. D-galactose is a substance associated with premature aging, increases the risk of inflammation and respiratory diseases, compromises the immune system, increases the oxidative stress and favors genetic mutations

4. Hormones: Cows are kept pregnant for 300 days a year because in this period they produce considerably more milk but the problem is that the milk from pregnant cows has 30 times more estrogen than the milk from non-pregnant cows. Remember, A cow’s milk is perfectly fit to turn a newborn calf into a 400-pound cow in just one year. For a human, cow’s milk contains an abundant amount of pointless fat, cholesterol, hormones and calories. All of this creates a huge imbalance in the human body. Also, if you are men and you ingest all this estrogen, your testosterone production will decrease, the sperm count will get lower and if you are younger, it will delay the puberty.

5. Antibiotics: Because cows are kept pregnant almost all their lives, their udders are constantly inflamed and infected, with open bleeding wounds it is estimated that 30 ml in every 100 ml of milk is pus and blood, coming from those cows inflamed udders. To keep those diseases from spreading to other cows, farmers inject cows with antibiotics which will eventually be passed on to us through their milk. It is estimated that 80% of the antibiotics produced in the USA goes to livestock.

6. Cancer: Several studies show that milk is linked with several types of cancer, prostate cancer in men and ovary cancer in woman.

7. The last but the most important reason why I don’t drink milk is that the milk production farms are an atrocity for those animals. The terror and the suffering they go through is unimaginable. There is not a chance in the world that I will finance this atrocity with my money. Instead, I will drink vegetable milk which is so good for your body as well as your conscience and of course, the animals.

Here are some very interesting movies to help you understand a little bit more about the dairy industry:

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