That’s the question that I am constantly asked This one is amongst the top three questions that people from all walks of life ask me and the answer is a resounding no. No, it is not difficult. But for this, you gotta let go of what you’ve been thought in terms of nutrition and eating habits and be open to a new wonderful lifestyle. Well, let’s go back to the time when we were growing up, for example, we have been taught from our parents that we must drink milk, eat meat and eggs. That cheese is good for you and milk prevent osteoporosis and is rich in calcium. Those were (mis)information that was passed to them by their parents and so on. As a consequence, we learned their eating behaviors and, understandably so it is very difficult to change old habits. Not to mention how tasty all these food is, right?… Fact is, just as we’ve learned how to read and drive, and ride bikes, we can also re-learn and re-think our eating habits. And for that, we need to start again, reprogram our minds and reset our taste buds. And be open. And that is why I have decided (amongst other reasons, to be disclosed here in the future:)) to share with the world what I have learned, what vegan food has thought me and the wonderful consequences of clean eating and my journey into the search for the most delicious vegan comfort foods from all over the globe. This journey has opened me for a myriad of flavors, textures, spices, aromas, and sensations that I’ve never thought it was possible coming solely from plants. And that, my friends, is what I want you also to experience – a tasteful, joyful and cruelty-free world of deliciousness just waiting to be embraced by you.


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