If you are reading this then we are alike. We both love cooking. Well, not only cooking but food in all its variations. I use to say that cooking is like rearranging the flexible walls of reality, turn fantasy into reality and experience it with all five senses.

Well, food to me is a way of express myself in all senses of the word. I translate my feelings through food. I express my desires and exaggerate as much as I want, turning plain into exotic and unexpected. Any given Tuesday evening could turn into an unforgettable one depending on whats on the dinner table…

Most my memories are related to gastronomic experiences. From the potato roll smell from my grandmother’s kitchen to the exotic tomato soup I’ve had in Egypt, my sensorial experiences are vast in that sense. I remember Paris of course but when I think about Paris that little “gastro place” in my brain takes me back that cute little bakery on La Rue de Rivoli where I stood in line waiting for my baguette. Is there anything more delicate than the smell of freshly baked bread?

Or when I was about to turn 15 and had to go every Sunday for over a month to this lovely lady house for the dress fitting. I remember as if it was yesterday; mom, dad and I driving two hours in a winter rainy afternoon – yes, because the stylist who designed my dress only trusted this lady, Dona Nilda and her team to make the dress; It was a pain to stand very still on a little chair for hours while the two ladies trimmed the end of my heavy white dress. But what made my life there more bearable was the fact that I knew we were going to have the most beautiful German afternoon tea ever, with all German deliciousness in the world and I ate with gusto… and that made Dona Nilda very unhappy because she had to readjust my dress – twice. Yes, For a larger size obviously…

Oh, memories and food… I could sit here and write about this for hours and hours but now is almost 5 pm and it is time to create more memories… memories in the form homemade comfort and loving food.

Much love bunnies!


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